Exclusive Assignment Order is the instruction given by the owner to the real estate agent, to manage his property with professionalism, consistency, responsibility and confidentiality, thus saving Time and Money!

Exclusivity ONLY BENEFITS can provide:

  • The property gains an advantage over others as it becomes UNIQUE .

  • When a property is indicated by many real estate agencies it loses its value and the owner part of its bargaining power.

  • There is a more dynamic promotion of the property as we also invest in it, informing our partners and promoting it inside and outside Greece.

  • With the exclusive assignment order, each property, and in particular, the most remarkable ones, are promoted with subtle and discreet manipulations and not uncontrollably.

  • There is constant information about the progress of the property, as well as the serious and valid proposals that exist.

  • The process of information and consultation with other real estate agencies is avoided, as our company is open to any cooperation with other real estate agencies, which are informed exclusively about the properties we manage.