Our services

  • On-line information and immediate search for buyers – sellers
  • Research in the property market
  • Real estate assessment
  • Techniques of protection and financial transparency in real estate transactions
  • Consulting in management of real estate
  • Energy certificate
    Topographic (land registry)

With our experience in property selling and rental as well as in the real estate sector we provide:

  • Trading residences and commercial spaces throughout Epirus
  • Property leasing
  • Management of land and parcels in cooperation with reliable clients
  • Real estate assessment with scientific and modern methods through modern comparative performance models, costing and assessment of critical elements and information.
  • Proposals for real estate developments and upgrading with the help of our experienced and specialized partners


Complete high level services in the field of real estate

  • We listen to the wishes of our customers and adapt our services to the personal needs of our customers

We cover the full range of services related to real estate and specifically buying and selling and renting.
The scope of Skouras Home services provided to buyers is very wide so that it can fully cover any needs and special requirements of each purchase. Comprehensive assessment (Property files with all details)

  • Our cooperation with experienced architects and civil engineers enables us to provide our customers with a complete range of services from the beginning to the end of our cooperation.
  • We work with reliable and modern engineers for the technical inspection of the property before the purchase.
    For the properties of our portfolio we have a complete file (Acquisition title, topographic, building permit, etc.)

Whether you want to buy, or want to sell or rent your property, we will be happy to meet you and serve you immediately.